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Oil & Gas Procedures

  • Upstream   Typically refers to all facilities for production and stabilization of oil and gas. The reservoir and drilling community often uses upstream for the wellhead, well, completion and reservoir only, and downstream of the wellhead as production or processing. Exploration and upstream/production together is referred to as E&P.

  • Midstream Broadly defined as gas treatment, LNG production and regasification plants, and oil and gas pipeline systems.
  • Oil & Gas Development Process

  • The oil and gas industry facilities and systems are broadly defined, according to their use in the oil and gas industry production stream
  • Exploration Includes prospecting, seismic and drilling activities that take place before the development of a field is finally decided

  • Oil & Gas Procedures

  • Refining   Where oil and condensates are processed into marketable products with defined specifications such as gasoline, diesel or feedstock for the petrochemical industry. Refinery offsite such as tank storage and distribution terminals are included in this segment, or may be part of a separate distributions operation.

  • Petrochemical   These products are chemical products where the main feedstock is hydrocarbons. Examples are plastics fertilizer and a wide range of industrial chemicals
  • Gava Oil All the projects and services we provide, we do it exactly according to as define details by our customer specifications and requirement. Oil & Gas